Pathway lighting on walkways, stairs, and driveways illuminate your property so you and guests can see where you're going.  Easily avoid missing a step or accidentally getting a bit to close to a nocturnal animal because it was too dark out.

Lighting is also one of the best way to avoid intruders.  By illuminating your property, trespassers won't be able to hide in the shadows.  Recent studies have found that proper illumination was as much of a deterrent to thieves as a security system. If for any reason a brazen burglar does make it onto your property, your lighting can be integrated with your security and/or automation system to alert authorities of which home is in distress.  You can have all of the lights turn on, or have the lights strobe so responders instantly know where to go.  Exterior lighting can also be activated by a panic button discreetly placed in plain view.