Landscape lighting creates ambiance and adds functionality to any outdoor space, but maintenance is required to keep your system running in optimal condition.  At HLL we understand your time is valuable and want to make caring for your lighting as convenient as possible.  This is why we offer service agreements to meet each client’s specific needs.



  • Preform a comprehensive check of your landscape lighting system and its integration
  • Replace any non-functioning lamps
  • Inspect and clean both fixtures and lenses (includes removing grass and mulch from lens)
  • Realign fixtures when needed
  • Trim plant or tree growth disrupting intended beam spread
  • Reset timers and/or verify existing programming settings
  • Complete necessary repairs of damaged fixtures
  • Replace fixtures beyond repair.  There will be no additional charge if the fixture is under warranty*

* *Most Coastal Source fixtures have a limited lifetime warranty (this does not cover accidents, vandalism, acts of nature, and improper use)

*All other Coastal Source fixtures and all lamps have a 5-year warranty (see above)

HLL typically performs a comprehensive system check prior to Memorial Day, unless otherwise requested.  This ensures your outdoor lighting is in top condition for the summer season.  It also prevents you from being inconvenienced mid-season if a lamp burns out.  By addressing possible issues in advance we are able to offer our services at a lower price point than correcting problems as they arise, thus saving you money.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our service agreement, please contact your sales rep for pricing.


  • Yearly (we will visit your home once a month for a year)
  • Seasonal Openings
  • Spring through fall (Mid-May to Mid-September, 5 months)

***Don’t forget to ask about our Seasonal scene changes! We offer “Summer” and “Winter” lamp replacements. Warmer color temperatures of lamps look great in the spring and summer, however cooler lamps can really enhance the beauty of the outdoors during the winter especially on bare bark and snow covered landscapes.*** 


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