At Hamptons Landscape Lighting, we offer a large variety of exterior illumination options.  From the elegance created by the soft white glow of traditional outdoor lighting to the character added by colored LEDs, exterior lighting drastically transforms a property's appearance. Specialized fixtures allow for the ideal illumination of landscapes, outdoor sitting areas, pools, decks, docks and more.


At Hamptons Landscape Lighting our experience designers are required to stay informed by attending continued educational training.  This ensures we are up to date on the newest technologies and trends.  

Scott Armusewicz Jr leads our lighting design divisions at both Hamptons Landscape Lighting and at HTE. Scott graduated from SUNY Albany and the International Landscape Lighting Institute, studying as a protege to accomplished designers such as Jan Moyer.  With over 13 years of experience, Scott has worked on numerous projects in Long Island and Manhattan as well as advised on projects throughout the nation. 

While Scott has a vast knowledge of lighting manufacturers and their product lines, allowing him to select the best fixture for each project, it's his process that makes him perfect for our company. We pride ourselves on our meticulous documentation and installation process.  Scott is a distinguished project manager who personally oversees every lighting project.  His hands on approach and incredible attention to detail makes him an expert in night aiming and color temperature distribution. His combination of training and experience has given him the ability to pick up on details others often overlook.


As lighting designers we know that each project is different. We specialize in selecting the proper lighting type and fixture style for each project, then we make sure we seamlessly integrate the fixtures within the landscaping design.  This is how we ensure the natural flow of light through a space without making it look forced. 

We pride ourselves on our wire management, using a closed wiring system, to avoid corrosion.  Since the wires are encapsulated, they can never be damaged by exposure to the elements. 



Enhanced Decor

Landscape lighting adds instant curb appeal to any residence or business.  Both white and colored illumination can be used to direct the eye and highlight a property's best features. 

Increased Security

 Proper illumination enhances walking and driving conditions while deterring trespassers. A property's lighting can also be integrated with an existing security system for additional functionality.

Added Convenience

When integrated with an existing automation system, all of the property's lighting can easily be controlled and scheduled with the touch of a button. 


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be used to fully illuminate an outdoor space or to highlight specific landscape and architectural features. 

Pathway Lighting

Illuminating walkways, driveways, and stairs make moving around at night easier and safer.

Pathway lighting increases visibility while enhancing the exterior decor.

Pool and Spa Lighting

Light up the water and transform your pool and the surrounding area into your personal oasis. 

Using colored LEDs you can create a unique atmosphere ranging from sleek and modern to whimsical and majestic. If the classic look is more your style, know that a soft white glow goes a long way when creating the perfect ambiance. 

Specialty Lighting Features

View our specialty products such as galaxy fiber optic pool lighting, galaxy rocks, illuminated waterfalls, lightbender laminars, color changing bubblers, and lighted spills and fire bowls.

Dock Lighting

Light is invaluable everywhere, not just on land. Use dock lighting to get the functionality of illumination in a stylish manner, instantly making the water's edge safer. 


tiki torch.jpg

Integration and Lighting Control

Get the ability to control and customize all of you lighting at your fingertips.  By integrating your landscape lighting with a home automation system, you have the full customization abilities offered by Savant and Control 4.  

Integration allows for increased security, functionality, and convenience. As a division of Home Technology Experts, we have over a decade of experience in home automation and custom integration.  





Classic Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Coastal source bullet light
Photo Credit: Mitya Ku
Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Modern Fixtures


HHL created a full lighting design for my property. They told me it would change the look of my house at night but I had no idea how much, it looks absolutely amazing!

They didn’t just throw lights on my lawn so we could see at night, they put together a design to highlight certain areas and draw the eye’s focus. My neighbors and guests are constantly asking me who did the work. I recommend HLL with out hesitation.
— Christine S.
Hamptons Landscape Lighting combines multiple lines of absolutely exquisite fixtures with the professionalism and expertise I have come to rely on from HTE. They were patient and attentive throughout the process, working with myself and my designer as we selected the perfect glass and finishes for my fixtures.
— Victoria L.
We had a very pleasant experience with HLL. We received a full AutoCAD layout of our system that made the the process so easy. We have since added more lighting because it looked so amazing!
— Dirk Hainey
I can see at night, I can control it all with Savant, and my wife loves how the yard looks. What else could I ask for?
— Southampton Resident
It’s important to me that my house look as good as it can. I have a beautiful yard and I want people to see it. The lights make everything look even better and show it off at night.
— Nathalie M.
When I called Hamptons Landscape Lighting, they told me I would be surprised by what an impact it would have on my home. I have to admit, I wanted the lights, but I was a bit skeptical about the claim. After having it for a few months, I have to say they were right. I never would have imagined something so simple would make such a huge difference. Not only does it the house look great at night, but I spend a lot more time on my patio.
— Mike R.



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