Driveway Down Lighting

Illumination along a driveway is one of the most requested designs/installations we receive.  The goal is to provide a safe and welcoming entrance to your home.  One of the most common ways homeowners try and achieve this is by installing path lighting on either side of the driveway and over-lighting, I refer to this as the “runway look”.  You do not want to highlight the driveway.  Alternatively, just enough lighting should be used to guide you or your guests safely to or from your home.  One way of doing this is through down lighting.  Down lighting not only provides for better coverage than any other method of lighting, it also keeps the fixtures out of harm’s way.  By putting lighting in the trees we get them off of the ground where they can be hit by a vehicle such as a delivery truck or a snow plow.

Driveway 1

This residence had a very long driveway in an extremely wooded area.  I wanted to create a natural effect to keep the rural feel.  I accomplished this by using lamps with cooler color temperature to create a moonlighting effect.  We installed the fixtures above low branches for a shadowing effect that really displays its beauty as the wind blows and sways the leaves.

driveway 2

The client here wanted an inviting feeling into their driveway but was adamant he did not want to see the street.  By providing a warmer lamp and proper aiming, this entrance is not only welcoming, but the street disappears into darkness as seen here.

driveway 3

On this particular driveway, because it was narrow, the client requested the rock border and the address sign be highlighted.  We were able to accomplish this illumination with only two fixtures mounted about 20’ within a nearby tree.

Non-Customary Illumination  

Random objects can become a unique way to illuminate your distinct landscape and provide lighting in a way none of your guests have seen before. Creativity using lighting is something I personally strive for and get excited about. When setting foot on a property for the first time to begin my design process, I try and locate areas that will set the clients illumination apart from any others they have seen before.

Umbrella Lighting

The client on this project was looking for a way to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing illumination around their pool patio. By uplighting the umbrellas I was able to create a downlighting effect to the surrounding areas through reflection. The pools reflection then enhanced the illumination further.

Decorative "seat" lighting

The focus on this project was to provide illumination around a waterfall and pond. There were not many plantings to provide this effect and creativity was key. By uplighting a decorative porcelain seat I was able to accomplish symmetry on the back side of the pond.

Rock Formation Lighting

This client took pride in setting up rock formations as a decorative theme throughout their property. Instead of lighting the rocks from the outside, we decided to illuminate them from the inside to create a “glowing” effect.

Coastal Source Niche Light


The Coastal Source Niche Light is one of the most versatile fixtures I have ever come across.  It can serve in an almost endless amount of applications.  We have installed them in steps, walkways, railings, posts, walls, and water features.  The fixture is only about the size of a half dollar.  Because of its small size the fixture is very discreet and sleek.  Conventional path/walkway fixtures can sometimes be out of place or intrusive and have the potential to be damaged by lawnmowers, weed whackers, and lawn games.  Installing Niche lighting along pathways within lawns provide an inconspicuous fixture that will avoid damage and provide reliable illumination for a long time.  With the Coastal Source Niche Light, a little light really does go a long way.




When choosing an up-light in areas of high traffic such as lawns and pathways finding an adjustable light that was below grade used to be a challenge.  Enter the Excelsior Lighting IN-5L IN-GRADE WELL LIGHT.  The aiming adjustability using a simple and easily accessible screw turn provides the versatility needed and previously unobtainable without installing above ground fixtures.  Being able to provide both the desired aiming while also eliminating the potential for lawn mower damage in lawns and possible tripping hazard within pathways is a major accomplishment.  During our night aiming sessions the fact we can reduce or enhance the lumen output with the touch of a button also adds to the appeal of this product.   When illuminating a large specimen tree with an expansive canopy the IN-5L is our fixture of choice and can eliminate the need for an undesirable number of fixtures being placed at the trees base.  The lumen output and spread of this powerful excelsior fixture really is unmatched.

Well Light.png