HHL created a full lighting design for my property. They told me it would change the look of my house at night but I had no idea how much, it looks absolutely amazing!

They didn’t just throw lights on my lawn so we could see at night, they put together a design to highlight certain areas and draw the eye’s focus. My neighbors and guests are constantly asking me who did the work. I recommend HLL with out hesitation.
— Christine
Hamptons Landscape Lighting combines multiple lines of absolutely exquisite fixtures with the professionalism and expertise I have come to rely on from HTE. They were patient and attentive throughout the process, working with myself and my designer as we selected the perfect color temperature and finishes for my fixtures.
— Victoria
We had a very pleasant experience with HLL. We received a full AutoCAD layout of our system that made the the process so easy. We have since added more lighting because it looked so amazing!
— Dirk
I can see at night, I can control it all with Savant, and my wife loves how the yard looks. What else could I ask for?
— Steve
It’s important to me that my house look as good as it can. I have a beautiful yard and I want people to see it. The lights make everything look amazing at night.
— Nathalie
When I called Hamptons Landscape Lighting, they told me I would be surprised by what an impact it would have on my home. I have to admit, I wanted the lights, but I was a bit skeptical about the claim. After having it for a few months, I have to say they were right. I never would have imagined something so simple would make such a huge difference. Not only does the house look great at night, but I spend a lot more time on my patio.
— Mike