Pool Star Lighting


The popularity of star lighting has moved out of the theater and into the pool.  Using fiber optics, we work with you to create custom star designs.  Additional colored fiber optics can be added to create a breath taking Milky Way effect.

Please note, due to the installation process, this feature can only be installed on new pools, or pools that are being resurfaced.


Meteor Rocks

Meteor rocks are a great way to conceal LED and fiber optic lighting during the day while providing vibrant décor when the sun goes down.



Illuminated waterfalls are gorgeous features that have a significant impact on both pool and landscape designs.  Our waterfalls come in a variety of colors and are lite from the source of the water providing vibrant color that starts at the base and cascades down. 



Light bending laminar focus the colored light along the same path as the water.  This allows for deep vibrant colors that stand out from the rest of the design.


Lighted Bubblers

Lighted bubblers are a distinct feature used in various designs.  Bubblers can be used in pools, spas, ponds, fountains, or other aquatic areas. From multiple bubblers of the same color, to multi colored bubblers, to a single illuminated feature, it is a feature that is sure to catch your eye.

Bubblers can remain a solid color, change hue when the client desires, or cycle through a rainbow of options on a nightly basis.



Illuminated water spills and fire bowls use the elements, while subtly highlighting the bases with fiber optics. Water spills and fire bowls are often combined with other features creating a comprehensive design.